When QSM World was established back in 2009 four core business sector were laid out, which become the core services of QSM World and everything that we do in Sports, Media, Entertainment and Technologies are based on those four services which are;

   – Management & Operations
   – Consultancy
   – Evaluation
   – Investment and Funding

In the last 11 years QSM World has managed, developed, operated, consulted, evaluated, invested/funded  numerous projects, companies, brands, legauges, sports franchises, films franchises, studios, events and  television networks.

Management & Operations

QSM World owns, manage and operate various companies, brands, franchises, services and products that are created, designed, developed or produced by QSM World or any of our partners or even third part (our clients), in the field of Sports, Media, Entertainment and Technology. We have one of the most skilled team that can handle any challenge thrown at them and have the expertise to take any company, brand, franchise, service, and product from bottom to top.


QSM World consultancy services cover 5 main areas: Planning, Strategy, Implementation, Organization, Leadership, Research, Analytics & Turnkey solution in 4 different industries Sports, Media, Entertainment & Technology. We serve leaders on their most complex & critical issues and opportunities.


We conduct all of our evaluations in accordance with the global guidelines and approach the international standard on monetary valuation of brands, companies, products, services, and franchises. Our focus is on only four (4) industries sectors, that being; 1) Sports, 2) Media, 3) Entertainment, and 4) Technologies. 

Our approach is to work openly, collaboratively, and flexibly with clients, and we always reveal the details of our modeling and analysis. This means our clients always understand what lies behind ‘the number’.

We could talk all day about valuation approaches and methodologies. If you want to get more into specifics contact us

Investment & Funding

QSM World Investment & Funding Services has a wide range of financial solutions & services with its focus on Sports, Media, Entertainment & Technology Industry. Maximising each and every opportunity from the roots up around the world. Driving positives growth in all fronts.

Creative Economy By QSM WORLD

When a movie or television show shoots on location, it brings jobs, revenue, and related infrastructure development, providing an immediate boost to the local economy. For that Reason and QSM World have designed program that guarantees growth in local economy and it called Creative Economy by QSM World. 

SPORTs Annual REPORT 2020 - 2021

QSM World with its partners & affiliates releases annual sports reports which are evaluated by experts. It provides and reports various topics in the sports industry. Sports Annual Report 2020-2021 releasing on;

July 25, 2021 – 


In 2010 SDK QSM World Co-Founder & CEO laid out 30 years vision for the entire media & entertainment industry, calling it Media Grand Vision 2040. The idea behind, the vision was to have a common plan of action for the entire industry. As there are many challenges and opportunities. Together the entire industry can achieve a lot more and handle any challenges that are out there and find the right solutions.

We Manage Things Before They Happened, By Planning & Strategizing