The Entertainment division of QSM World is the second largest division in owning and operating brands of QSM World. Entertainment division is responsible for the global production, distribution, and funding, as well as selling and marketing of live action or animated feature films, television programs, music albums, comic books and graphic novels. EIMAGE is fortified with the industry’s most creative, innovative and talented people, and equipped with industry advanced and highly sophisticated technologies and techniques.On November 15, 2019 entertainment division announced that with the help of its partners it has planed and aims of injecting USD $2 Billion within the next five (5) years into the world of entertainment.

Edit Bay is a collaborative team of full-service post-production facilitators focused on providing creatively driven responses to every brief, every time. We are a QSM World owned brand with a commitment to producing the highest standard of creative work for every client, every time.

Edit Bay is recognized internationally for its exceptional VFX and post-production capabilities and, in particular, the ability to maintain high creative standards, the brand also boasts excellent technical standards aiming to serve our customers at a level that is designed to exceed expectations.

In simple words, Edit Bay has a passion for the highest standard of creative work for film, commercial, television, music video, or otherwise.

7 Ace Studio is an Animation Studio, which is a design-driven animation and motion graphics studio with a common goal in creating stunning animated videos & motion graphics that exceed expectations.

7 Ace Studio is committed to delivering animated videos & motion graphics that is on brand, on message, and most importantly, spectacular. Each project 7 Ace Studio has worked on is custom-tailored to perfectly fit brand goals and take the presentence to the next level.

Bro’s Distribution is a leading distributor of quality talent-driven independent films. Which has emerged as one of the most distinguished and well-rounded distribution companies in the industry with its film & television.

Bro’s Distribution was incorporated as a QSM brand in 2014 to look after all QSM World production distribution affairs.

Over time Bro’s Distribution has assembled an exciting array of films, TV series & web series from prestige dramas, epic scale adventures, and comedies to action, romances, and genre films. Bro’s Distribution was one of the first identities to come up with the distribution model of releasing films in theaters the same day they are available on video on demand.

xXx Reborn, Shadowhawk: Golden City, Next, Girl Who Kills, Game World, and Boxing Ring are few latest upcoming projects of Bro’s Distribution which are currently in the final stage of negotiations.

Bro’s Distribution plans to distribute a diverse array of films, TV series & web series that connect with audiences around the world.

Ten/28 is a global media and entertainment company that finances & produces motion pictures, television, and podcasts.

Ten/28 Production previously known as Bro’s production was founded back in 2011 under the umbrella of QSM World, by QSM World founder(s) with strong values and commitment to always create high-quality entertainment for global audiences.

Through complete or joint ownership, Ten/28 Production has built a library of marquee media properties and has established itself as a trusted brand that consistently delivers high-quality, commercial entertainment including some of the world’s most popular intellectual property.

Ten/28 Production is one of the largest independent investors in the creative sector, Ten/28 partners with companies and individuals in the film, television, and entertainment sectors to bring great ideas to life. Ten/28 Production does this through our unique blend of industry knowledge, access to a diverse range of capital sources, and exceptional execution capability.

Ten/28 Production, have put together a 3 Film Fund total valued at $1.5 billion, under an SPV titled Muse Film Fund in BVI owned and managed by Ten/28 Production. Film Funds of Ten/28 Production have partnered with re-known names of the industry.

Ten/28 Production brand is gaining rapid momentum globally, generating substantial goodwill and opening an increasing number of doors to a variety of businesses around the world.

L’Fushi Entertainment – (L’Fushi) QSM World owned entertainment wing specialized in Asian market which produces genre films in the range of US$ 500,000 – US$ 10,000,000. L’Fushi is French word, means God of Creative, Arts & Crafts in Chinese (FU-XI)

L’Fushi has an experienced team, with more than 25 years’ experience in the development, production, and distribution of genre films. L’Fushi sterling relationships with actors, writers, and directors are among the upper echelon of talent in the business. L’Fushi team has an above-average development track record having produced 70% of the projects it has developed. Whereas industry runs at about a 10-15% development track record.

Principal’s relationships with leading genre filmmakers and their control of a strong slate of development projects – including a library of literature from our Management Division – which guarantees a flow of product and creates a unique and powerful brand identity in the marketplace.

Reality Production is an independent production company specializing in high-end feature and television documentaries.

Reality Production is dedicated to using the form of documentary as a catalyst for documenting everyday life and social change. Reality Production has evolved our filmmaking techniques for bringing to our viewers the essence of reality change.

In 2018 Reality Production secured a contract valued at $34 million to produce business-related documentaries for a subject related regional dedicated news channel.

At the time of incorporation of QSM World, Co-founder announced the “Grand Vision 2020” which was divided into 4 phases each phase composed of 5 years strategy, and to create the largest studio facilities in the Middle East was in the final phase of that vision: named EMAIGE Studio.

EIMAGE Studio is going to be a world-class and region’s largest pre-production, production, and post-production facilities for filmmakers and production companies of all sizes for feature films, television shows, and commercials. EIMAGE Studio is going to span over 220 to 280 acres of land with nearly 120 sound stages, 6 highly advanced water tank stages, realistic replicas of famous iconic places, and monuments.

EIMAGE Studio is also going to be the home to new and existing musicians, with the finest music facilities based on 150,000 Square feet. EIMAGE Studio will also be the ideal choice for Influencers with 20 custom designed clusters based on 6 towers with 60 mini studios in each tower for influencers. EIMAGE Studio is going to be the paragon choice for the whole entertainment industry.

WhitMuseFilmFund - Logo

Muse Film Fund – “Fund” owned & managed by Ten/28 Production brand of QSM World. Fund total value is US$ 500 million. Which will be producing TV series & films. All our productions be it movies or TV Series will be capped with age rating of G or max PG13. Our fund is divided into 3 buckets; Bucket 1 will be investing in film projects ranging from $21 million to $85 million, bucket 2 will be investing in film projects ranging from $5 million to $20 million, bucket 3 will be focusing on scripted & unscripted tv series. With a target to make more then 30 movies & 15 TV Series (scripted & unscripted). Where exceptional screen play & story line with proven or visionary directors. And all movies & TV Series will pass Ten/28 Production analytics stress test.


Entertainment is a Color of Joy