The Technology division of QSM World is the backbone of the entire QSM World, as all of the divisions and their brands are dependent on technology. From last 11 year this division with its brand Circle 360 technologies has been conducting research on how to sport, media and entertainment industries.

This division currently have two brands with over 50 products and services, and 13 that are in development that will be launched shortly.

Circle 360 Technologies (Circle 360) is the technology wing of QSM World. Circle 360 was originally created to develop the new and improved media technologies for in house use and as well as for third party use. In 2014 on the instructions of Co-founder and CEO of QSM World, Circle 360 was converted into a complete technology division, and with the merger of Circle 360 and Quantum Technology LLC. (QTL), Circle 360 inherited the highly-advanced Smart Schooling System (3S) technology. Circle 360 is also one of the pioneers of developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in the advancement of entertainment and sports.

Yise Solutions was created in 2015 as an alpha project with a vision to enhance in-house productivity and financial solutions after running for 1 years, Yise Solution opened its platform and solutions for third parties mainly QSM World Partners and Affiliates. In 2017 Yise Solution launched three (3)  products and services for consumers along with the announcement of Yise Payment.

Nexus is one the three products that are available for businesses to help them manage and operate their backend. Nexus is one complete solution HR, Accounts, Mail, Filing, CMR & CMS, Asset Management and more.  

7th Sense

7th Sense is the most advanced AI-based predicting software for the global film box-office collection. The 7th Sense not only can predict box-office collection but can also predict film overall success, it’s truly one of the most advanced technologies of the industry. Since 2015 7th Sense has been on an advanced beta mode and for the past 5 years, more than 97 film projects have been predicted with an accuracy rate of 83.25%. 

Few of the films that were predicted are:

    – Star Wars: The Force Awakens with an accuracy of 89.2%
    – Inside Out with an accuracy of 94.7%
    – Fast and Furious 7 with an accuracy of 95.9%
    – Bridge of Spies with an accuracy of 97.8%
    – Avengers: Age of Ultron with an accuracy of 82.9%
    – Spy with an accuracy of 98%
    – Mad Max: Fury Road with an accuracy of 87.7%
    – The Man from U.N.C.L.E. with an accuracy of 95%
    – Captain America: Civil War with an accuracy of 93.7%
    – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with an accuracy of 99%


Technology Shapes the Future