The media division of QSM World is the largest division in owning and operating brands of QSM World. Media division is composed of an array of the different brands which are based on publishing books and magazines, advertising and branding, managing and developing talent, operating and managing multiple upcoming television channels, designing and developing toys, developing and distributing games, and managing and developing new streaming services that is set to launch in November 2021.

Core Media Studio known as CM Studio is a branding and advertising Division of QSM World established in 2009 at the time of QSM World incorporation. CM Studio provides A to Z branding and advertising services to QSM World and it’s division, products, and contents, as well as providing services to its affiliated and non-affiliated companies.

CM Studio integrating new strategies, out of the box creativity and state of the art technologies to provide exceptional experiences. CM Studio harnesses the highly creative minds and techniques in all of its department’s operations, along with the extremely advanced and latest technologies of the industries.

CM Studio’s area of services includes event management, branding, advertising, digital communications and public relations, it also buys marketing and advertising placements in traditional and non-traditional places.

The CM Studio events department known as Core Events is here to create the everlasting and once in lifetime experiences by organizing mesmerizing, spellbinding and enthralling music concerts, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, sports events, carnivals, festivals, PR and corporate events.

Core Events have been organizing and managing events and shows; like music concerts, theater musical & shows, carnival’s, festival’s, conferences, seminars, awards shows, annual events, PR and corporate events to name a few from the first year of operations in affiliation with its partners globally. Partners incluses; One Entertainment, Branded Management, Events LLC, Jazba Entertainment, Urban Gravity, and Strawberry Sports Management  just to name a few.

The Core Events department also intends and envisions organizing and managing one of the leading sports events (like; ICC Cricket World Cup, FIFA World Cup, Olympics or other similar events) with local authorities in the next 10 years’ time.

High Style Media – commonly known as HSM or HS. HS is a mass media company subsidiary of QSM World.

HS is a blood stream of new era entertainment which mixes old with new. HS promises to keep our cultural and heritage alive with more than 7 print and digital magazine titles internationally, english language entertainment online streaming channels, fashion awards, film awards and sports awards starting in 2021.

HS will be achieving its target of having digital coverage in more than 100 countries & print coverage in more than 30 countries with 3 different languages. And to be the highest read print and digital magazine and to be the most viewed streaming channel by 2023.

Hurrem Media is one of the latest prodigies of QSM World established last year, to cater to the exuberant youngster audiences and readers. Hurrem Media is a new age media that creates and operates brands exclusively for younger readers and viewers. Hurrem Media have 5 digital and print magazine titles and 2 upcoming streaming only channels. These include ; Next Level, Filmazia, YoungerSense, Comic Universe and Influencer Insider. Hurrem Media is expected to reach its max and complete launch of all of its titles and brands by the end of 2021.

1028 Gamers – Gamers, is an interactive entertainment company which develops and delivers games, content and online services for Internet-connected consoles, mobile devices and personal computers. At Gamers we design games with a broad appeal, which allow people to play for a moment, then move on with their day and pick up their game later.

In 2019 Gamers have set such a big milestone in the gaming industry by acquiring gaming licenses of 11 different film franchises and 3 international sports to develop games off.

Athena Publishing Group – APG is the publishing division of QSM World. APG is the house to the world’s most creative and unique literature for all sorts of readers globally. APG composed of Athena Book House, Athena Writers House, and Athena Press House. Currently, APG has over 97 titles published in fiction and non-fiction that are available on the market.

ToyWay is a wide ranging toy manufacturing brand created by QSM World and launched in July 2015. ToyWay creates innovative quality  toys and experiences that inspire, entertain and develop children’s imaginative spirit and provide endless “Fun For The Future”.

ToyWay is a toy brand with a portfolio of iconic toys which includes products like stationery, action fingers, board games, animals, radio controlled, dolls, executive toys & educational toys.

Hephaestus Talent Management Agency –  HTM, is a global Management Agency having pool of more than 250 talent which includes singer, directors, musician, producers, writers, actors, social media influencers, E-gamers, Child actors, models, reality TV stars, live speakers & authors

HTM work transforms our clients’ businesses, brands, and careers. HTM summarizes this internally as the unrelenting pursuit of better. HTM always makes sure clients achieve their goals and Hephaestus is successful in achieving its goals by a great team of craftsmen every single day.

HTM  provide services in packaging, talent bookings, talent management, talent development and talent financial management. HTM recently started as a small agency and in such a small time Brand of QSM World grew so aggressively. With just 1+ year heritage, HTM continues to grow business through creative energies, ideas and relationships.

Stage Two is a disrupting streaming platform and production financing service provider. Stage Two provide debt management against collateralized loans only for streaming originals for Netflix, AppleTV+, Amazon, Hulu & HBO Now

Stage Two only offers loans secured by distribution agreement only by Netflix, AppleTV+, Amazon, Hulu & HBO Now, completion bonds, or investor capital.

Stage Two is also in the process of launching its own streaming service direct to home users in  partnership with two renowned studios by the end of 2021. This streaming service would be first to master the live events like sports and music concerts streaming, in addition to the current library of our partner studio and original content.


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