Sports has always been the core of QSM World from the day one which makes the Sport division the primary division of QSM World which contains the company’s vast array of sports and sport-related brands that composes of creating and managing sports leagues, owning and operating sports leagues franchises, developing and managing sports events, sports productions, managing athletes, and owning, operating and managing sports real estate and consulting in the sports industry.

Epic Sports Management is the oldest and one of the major brands of QSM World which was established back in 2009. When it only used to provide research and evaluation.

In a short time period, Epic Sports have achieved major milestones by developing working relationships with a few of the renowned names of the industry. Sports management, League franchise structure, League franchise sales, Team franchise sales, sponsorships, sports marketing, broadcasting development, ground sponsorships & sports real east development are few services of Epic Sports to name.

And in 11 years we have been fortunate for being able to work with titans of the sporting leagues with which we had the opportunity of working with and are still in working relationships.

American football offensive player, NFL
Sports Production

Pulse Sports Production is most commonly known as Pulse, is a 21st-century sports production company. Pulse is well known for being one of the most perfectionist sports production companies.

Pulse provides a wide range of services like Sports production, Media rights digital broadcasting, Media distribution services, Equipment & OBV & Live streaming solutions for Basketball, Football, Baseball, Cricket, Hockey & Motorsports are few sports to name.

Pulse has created the best graphics for live sports events keeping in mind digital workflows are built on innovation to ensure stories are told in the most relevant way.

Legend Management is an athletes management and marketing company working with some of the known names in the world of sport. Legend Management attracts world-class athletes based on our negotiation skills, influential network, client serviceability, and the way we thrive under high-pressure situations delivering our best results for Legend Management clients. Legend Management clients are consistently impressed with our unique approach and the full-range of services we offer. Legend Management’s aim is to help talented athletes achieve their athletic potential and to maximize their financial capability throughout their careers. Trust, belief, and passion are at the core of our business.

Legend Management & its Partners have negotiated some of the biggest deals in the history of the sport, both on and off ground. Legend Management’s main focus is to make sure we maximize our client’s earning potential on and off the field while continuing to give them the resources and support to succeed in life.

Legend Management has many high-end contract advisors with multiple years of experience amongst the staff. Legend Management never focuses on quality over quantity and maintaining personal relationships with our clients. Currently, legend Management is working with two renowned boxers and one NBA player to create their future in the retail world which will create over US$ 90 million annual revenues and the brand will be valued at US$ 1billion. And we also work with a few athletes on developing gym franchises for them, enhancing their brand value.

Partial view of businessman in suit playing soccer on street
F1 Car Fast Track Bird Eye View

QSM World, announced the initiative to start its own motorsports company in early 2020 and named it QSM Motorsport. The purpose of this company is to manage and operate motor racing teams and enhance motorsports technologies and techniques.

QSM Motorsports Will be taking the knowledge, expertise & skills of QSM World to create a legacy of Winning. QSM Motorsports will be headquartered in Qatar (Sports hub of the Middle East).

QSM Motorsports brings Glam to motorsports, it will be the hub where entertainment and sports come together.

The spirit of boxing has taken a hit from the late 90s and early 2000s, losing the true spirit and value of boxing when true legends departed the sports itself and created the void of great boxers. QSM World in 2020 started/created QSM Promotions, to bring back the true spirit of boxing. QSM Promotion has been created to bring the glory days of boxing back under the guides of boxing legends and to build true legends for tomorrow.

Pair of yellow boxing gloves hanging off the boxing ring

QSM MMA league

– Coming Soon –

Richest MMA League in the World


Field Hockey League

QSM World is soon launching global Field Hockey League. It will be first & only of its kind. Bring back the true sprit of Field Hockey. 

– Launching Soon –

CRICKET league

QSM World has been developing a Cricket league from ground-up. QSM World Cricket League will be the world’s most valued T20 Cricket League ever.

– In Developing –

We Live & Breath Sports, As Sports is Our Roots & Core of Everything We Do