QSM World entire operation is divided into 4 divisions, To achieve our vision and to accomplish our goals fast. Each is exclusively designed to undertake and to look over the particular businesses and brands, which enables us to achieve our overall vision and taking not just the company forward but also evolving the entire sports and media entertainment industry. These divisions are; 1) Sports Division, 2) Media Division, 3) Entertainment Division and 4) Technologies Division. 

sports Division

Sports has always been the core of QSM World from day one which makes the Sport division the primary division of QSM World which contains the company’s vast array of sports and sport-related brands that composes of creating and managing sports leagues, owning and operating sports leagues franchises, developing and managing sports events, sports productions, managing athletes, and owning, operating and managing sports real estate and consulting in the sports industry.

Top view sports court


The media division of QSM World is the largest division in owning and operating brands of QSM World. Media division is composed of an array of the different brands which are based on publishing books and magazines, advertising and branding, managing and developing talent, operating and managing multiple upcoming television channels, designing and developing toys, developing and distributing games, and managing and developing new streaming services that is set to launch in November 2021.


The Entertainment division of QSM World is the second-largest division in owning and operating brands of QSM World.

The entertainment division is responsible for the global production, distribution, and funding, as well as selling and marketing of live-action or animated feature films, television programs, music albums, comic books, and graphic novels.

EIMAGE is fortified with the industry’s most creative, innovative, and talented people, and equipped with industry advanced and highly sophisticated technologies and techniques. On November 15, 2019 entertainment division announced that with the help of its partners it has planed and aims of injecting USD $2 Billion within the next five (5) years into the world of entertainment.


The Technology division of QSM World is the backbone of the entire QSM World, as all of the divisions and their brands are dependent on technology. From the last 11 years, this division with its brand Circle 360 Technologies has been conducting research on how to improve Sport, Media, and Entertainment industries.

This division currently have two brands with over 50 products and services, and 13 that are in development that will be launched shortly.

Doha 2020 by QSM World

Doha 2020 is an event of the decade organized by QSM World, it’s a celebration that would be marked in global history. Doha will be an action-packed week of non-stop entertainment & sports, it will include performances by World-Renowned Stars, followed by Richest Boxing Showdown, an Epic week that the world will remember for decades to come.

WhitMuseFilmFund - Logo

Muse Film Fund – “Fund” owned & managed by Ten/28 Production brand of QSM World. Fund total value is US$ 500 million. Which will be producing TV series & films. All our productions be it movies or TV Series will be capped with age rating of G or max PG13.


The West Come to the East, this will be setting up new standards in industries. With the vision to enhance brand value in the Middle East & entire East by offering the highest standards of quality, style, comfort, luxury & glamour with meticulous attention being paid to personalized services. True Luxury.

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Little Extra - The Difference Between Ordinary & Extraordinary is that Little Extra