Our Leadership

The QSM World Leadership & management team is composed of a strong, balanced blend of a unique group of visionary executives that are admired and respected all around the world, whose exceptional knowledge and considerable experience are committed to excellence, inspiring creativity and innovation across all businesses globally.



Chairman of QSM World

Founder & Chairman of Belt & Road News Network. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Quantum Sports & Media World and Abalena Capital Limited.

Belt & Road News Network, World’s First & Only dedicated News on the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative(BRI) / Silk Road, (Chinese Government’s 8 trillion US Dollar development Initiative spanning over 150 Countries) offering latest News, Views & Analysis on the Initiative. BRN is well respected among the Chinese Government & Diplomatic Circle. Chinese President Xi Jinping & Other Government Officials have recognized and thanked Belt & Road News on numerous occasions. 

Since the inception of QSM World, Khan has served as Chairman Board of Directors. QSM World is a Global Sports & Media, Entertainment firm, with business spreading in areas of Production and Distribution of Feature Films, Entertainment, Licensing, Broadcasting & Publishing of Magazines, while developing, managing and owning sports events and sports brands for worldwide audiences and spectators.

Khan’s sense/vision for Sports has always been forward in time, one of his very first Sports Venture was India vs Pakistan Cricket Exhibition Match in Los Angeles – California in 1989. This was a risky proposition for that time; as cricket wasn’t Popular Sports in the US then. But the event became a success, with the Stadium being jam-packed with twenty thousand spectators. 18 years later in 2007, the first purpose-built Cricket Stadium in the U.S. the “Central Broward Park & Broward County Stadium” Florida with the Capacity of 20,000 was built.



Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of QSM World

Suleyman D. Khan (SDK) is a thinker who focuses on the problem as stated and tries to synthesize information and knowledge to achieve a solution. He’s known for futuristic thinking, corporate development, prudent or astute strategic planning, finding innovative solutions and sustainable results for common and uncommon glitches or obstacles in corporate development, a pathfinder and problem solver. Disciplined leader, a reasonable risk-taker, frugal, flexible, and creative. He’s known for building remarkable teams together because of understanding and know-how of industries and their working environment.

SDK has a lot of working experiences in the fields of technology, media, sport, and finance, and have direct relationships with the movers and shaker of Wall Street, Bankers, Media, Hollywood, Sports, and IT industry. SDK was once of the first people that believed in the streaming business model, not only he openly spoke and supported the concept, but he held a special meeting with the heads of “Big Six” in 2011 sharing his vision and his thought of what the future of television and media entertainment would be by introducing a streaming business model for all.

SDK has consulted and assisted numerous television networks to become reality and by helping establish them and achieve their fullest protentional. His idea for blading technology with media has taken the world by storm and has surprised the entire industry and as industry Titans follows and supports his ideology by jumping on board proved his idea was need of the time.

SDK has also been involved in different IT developments some were able to see the light and others were shelved, yet all got the highest appreciation. He has also been involved in multiple webs or new media project’s development. SDK has been part of the story development of several blockbuster film projects of Hollywood, where he was given the recognition of one of the most creative personalities. He’s also the architect of the technic called “3Dimensional Shooting” or “Anchor Shooting”. And his vision “Grand Media Vision 2040” is praised and supported by many in the industry and outside the industry.

SDK also has been involved in sports development and sports branding; SDK help strategize his contact from wall street to acquire one of the leading MLB franchise. He has also known for his capability of making any underperforming sports brand into a successful sports brand. His skills and know-how of the sports industry merged with his marketing knowledge guaranteed brand value even when teams or franchise sporting performs were low. He’s passionate about sports that’s what drives and motives him to venture into different sports.

SDK along with Hossama the co-founder and COO of QSM World has laid out the grand vision of QSM World entering the combat sports that become the part of QSM World 2030 vision, which lead the QSM World to start its own combat promotion brand QSM Promotion and working on instituting new league in MMA world.

SDK has the ability to recognize undervalued brands & projects, and then turn them into something marvelously amazing, and that ability has got him recognition all-round the globe.

Currently, he also servers on numerous boards as a director, Including Abalena Capital and Belt & Road News.