To achieve our vision and to accomplish our goals fast QSM World has divided its operations in 7 divisions, each is exclusively designed to undertake special errands and to lookover particular business, which enables us to achieve our overall vision and to take not just the company forward but also evolving the entire sports and media entertainment industry.


EIMAGE World commonly referred as EIMAGE is a entertainment division of QSM World which is responsible for the global production, distribution, and funding, as well as selling and marketing of live action or animated feature films, television programs, music albums, comic books, graphic novels, video and digital games. EIMAGE is fortified with the industry's most creative, innovative and talented people, and equipped with industry advanced and highly sophisticated technologies and techniques. EIMAGE plans and aims of injecting $3 Billion within next five (5) years into the world of entertainment, which will mark the EIMAGE World as one of the leading entertainment brand

EIMAGE Network

EIMAGE Network referred as EN, is division of QSM World that is responsible for developing and operating radio and television-broadcasting network stations as well as finding and crafting new and creative means of providing entertainment and reaching global audiences. EN is in process of completing worlds first “WEBCABLE”, which will not only going to be the idyllic choices for viewers and subscribers but also for the television networks.


The EIMAGE Studio is going to be world-class and largest preproduction, production and postproduction facilities to filmmakers and production companies of all sizes for feature films, television shows and commercials. EIMAGE Studio’s is going to span over 220 acres of land with nearly 60 sound stages, 6 highly advance water tank stages, realistic replicas of famous iconic places and monuments. EIMAGE Studio is also going to be the home to new and existing musicians, with finest music facilities based on 150,000 Square feet. EIMAGE Studio is going to be the paragon choice for whole entertainment industry.

Ective Sports Group

Ective Sports group is a sports entertainment division of QSM World.

Athena Publishing Group

Athena Publishing Group - APG is the publishing division of QSM World. APG is the house to world most creative and unique literature for all sort of readers globally. APG composed of Athena Book House, Athena Writers House, Athena Literature Agency, Athena Press House and Athena Printing House.

Core Media Studio

Core Media Studio known as CM Studio is branding and advertising Division of QSM World. CM Studio provides A to Z branding and advertising services to QSM World and it’s division, products and contents, as well as providing services to its affiliated and nonaffiliated companies.

Circle 360 Technologies

Circle 360 Technologies is the technology division of QSM World. Circle 360 Technologies was originally created to develop the new and improved media technologies for in house use and as well as for third party use. In 2013 on the instructions of Co-founder and CEO of QSM World, Circle 360 Technologies was converted into complete technology division, by establishing six (6) co-divisions and by starting special new project named “ProjectWeb360”.